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Past Event Page.

Below is a list of the past events that WBNG Production has produced or had part in producing.

List of Past Event. 

Annual Margate Fall Funfest (MBA) 

Annual Margate Beachstock (MBA) 

Annual Movies Under the Stars (Thrilling Thursdays -MBA) 

Annual Easter Community Event (Ventnor Plaza - WBNG Events)

Annual Halloween Community Event (Ventnor Plaza - WBNG Events)

Annual Holiday Toy Drive Fundraiser (For ACTFKP)

First Day Festival (Ventnor)

Annual Sundaes on Sunday / Ice Cream Festival (Alcove Ctr.)

Welcome to Summer Festival (Ventnor Plaza - WBNG Event)

Annual Summer Craft Shows (WBNG)

Annual Fall Craft Shows (WBNG)

Annual Holiday Craft Show (Sterling High School - WBNG Events)

​Annual Ventnor Library Lobby Showcase Event for Original Photography by Bernard  (WBNG)

Wine Tasting Fundraiser (Ventnor)

Karaoke Shows at Ventnor Coffee (Ventnor Coffee)

Mutable Exhibits for Original Photography by Bernard at JCC Margate, NJ (WBNG)

Mutable Exhibits for Original Photography by Bernard at the Holtzman Gallery at JCC Margate, NJ (WBNG)